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GPS Routes - General

All files are shown as either MapSource or Basecamp  files designed on Garmin's MapSource  / Basecamp software. The later routes are all designed with Basecamp. In order to view them interactively you have to have the latest version of the respective software downloaded onto your computer. Unfortunately the both programmes are only available to owners of Garmin ZUMO GPS systems. I have not yet mastered the trick of converting these routes to TOM TOM software.

If you are unsure if you have the latest updates for MapSource or Basecamp software or if you have the LM (Lifetime Maps) option please click on the link below and follow the instructions for loading the latest version MapSource update . As Basecamp is a bit more complex you can access the same update files in the "help" section of the toolbar menu. Make sure you also have the latest maps. This check and / or update will be done each time you connect your GPS unit to your PC via the Garmin Explorer application. You must have the LM option though first.  Alternatively you can click on the ''help'' button when you have your MapSource / Basecamp software open and choose ''check for updates''. The software will then automatically upload the lastest software. As the software changes every 2-3 months you should do this regularly.

For those that don't have Mapsource / Basecamp  but still want to view the routes I have added them as simple pdf files.

If you have files you wish to send me please send them to [email protected] and I can publish them here as well.

Click on one of the maps below to take you to the route files.