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MapSource & BaseCamp files
In the sections below I have some older MapSource files and the more recent ones are all BaseCamp. Unfortunately for some reason the BaseCamp files are not compatible with this web platform and therefore I cannot set up links to these files. This is in fact quite annoying seeing as the point of the website is to be able to embed the files easily so as users can open them and save them to their devices or own computers. I will be working on trying to fix this on if at all possible. 
By way of compensation I still have the ''pdf'' files and these can be opened to see the routes that we have made. If anyone wants the ''gpx'' files for BaseCamp please feel free to drop me a line to the email address below and I will gladly send them as attachments. 

If you have files you wish to send me please send them to [email protected] and I can publish them here as well.

Click on one of the maps below to take you to the route files.